Our Post-COVID Economy

So, what have we won? What have we gained with our lockdowns, breakthroughs in vaccines, loss of life, the distances kept from friends and family? I hope a better world, but I'll settle for a safer today. Safer than this time last year, maybe not as safe as this time two years ago.

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As if the year 2020 wasn't interesting enough for markets, the GameStop and Reddit frenzy made for a unique start to 2021. 

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Marriage and Paperwork

Many of you already know this, but on December 12th I got married to my husband, Nate. We had a beautiful, snowy wedding day, intimate in that only 15 people were present (originally the guest list was much larger, but as we all know, COVID threw a wrench in our 2020 plans), but Nate and I tell everyone now that a smaller wedding was the kind of wedding we never knew we wanted. It was a perfect day. 

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