Prepping for Review Meetings: Updates and Efficiencies

Have you ever thought about how we prepare for your review meetings? There’s more to our preparations than just printing off your performance documents.

Most of what we do to prepare is thanks to the hard work of our Administrative Assistant, Becca Schager, and you may notice subtle changes in how we start each of our meetings going forward.

As your fiduciary, it’s important to us that the little details are covered. Reviewing account titles, confirming beneficiaries, checking ACH instructions for required minimum distributions (RMD) and reviewing your tax withholding preferences are all part of the annual review process. These little details typically end up being the most important during times of transition, and you can expect us to review them with you at each meeting to ensure they're still current.

Although this may add five minutes to your review meeting, we hope these changes allow for more clarity in your financial plan. We don’t mind the extra time with our clients though, and we hope you don’t mind five more minutes of Jon’s stories either!