Recipe For A Prudent Portfolio

The start of the fall season brings excitement for different reasons. The leaves start to change color, cooler temperatures bring relief after the sweltering summer heat, and college football games play all day on Saturday (if you’re an ISU fan this year… condolences to my fellow Hawks fans). There’s lots of reasons to celebrate the arrival of fall.

 When I think of fall, the first thing that comes to mind is actually soup. I love a good soup recipe. Why? There’s a lot of different variations. If you don’t like tomato soup, then you’re probably a sucker for chicken noodle. Or may I suggest cheeseburger chowder? Surely there’s one for everyone. Additionally, soup warms the soul on a cool fall night. If you have a bad day, there’s no better comfort food than a steaming hot bowl of my mom’s chili. Most importantly though, soups are pretty hard to mess up. A good soup recipe usually requires only one or two crucial ingredients that really make it a “wow” recipe in your arsenal. Without those key main ingredients the soup could fall flat, but if done correctly, it could leave you satisfied for awhile and provide brownie points with the fiancé.

We talk a lot about what makes an investments portfolio prudent, and by now you’re probably used to hearing us say that in order for us to make your portfolio prudent, it had to create some sort of cash flow, or income, in your portfolio. That’s all still true. The dividend income accrued in your portfolio is equivalent to adding a dash of cinnamon to my mom’s chili recipe to give it that “kick” (shhh, don’t tell her I shared this with you!). But you know what else is just as important that’s not a secret? Having an investment adviser at the helm that takes responsibility in selecting quality investments.

At Iowa Wealth Management, your portfolios are tailor-made, right here in our office, to your families’ investment needs and goals. Our portfolio models are not created for the masses at a back office in New York City, but created right here in Iowa specifically for you. Jon and I spend a good amount of time each quarter going over each of the investment selections within your portfolios and reading through investment research to make sure our selections are performing the way we’d hoped and to explore other investment options we may want to add to the mix. One or two stocks or ETFs can drastically change the way a portfolio reacts to the market, and we don’t take that lightly, especially during these turbulent times.

The recipe for a prudent investment portfolio starts with an investment adviser that takes responsibility in your future. At Iowa Wealth Management, our goal is to select quality investment “ingredients” with you, the client, in mind. As we continually evaluate investments during a turbulent year, we encourage you to contact us with any questions you have about your portfolio, and perhaps set up a review meeting via phone or Microsoft Teams. We’re always looking for opportunities to review your portfolio together and continue to cater your investments to your unique tastes.