Our Process

The Financial Planning Process at Iowa Wealth Management

A Little or a Lot?

The need for financial planning is not uniform. Some people need a little planning and some will want a comprehensive financial plan. Here at Iowa Wealth Management the planning process is based upon the needs and wants of our clients. Some will opt for a “financial tune up” while others will find the growing financial complexities of their lives require a comprehensive financial plan. Whatever place you find yourself, the professional staff at Iowa Wealth Management is prepared to offer as little or as much planning as your situation requires.

What are the Common Planning Objectives that cause Clients to seek out Planning Services?

Any significant change in a client’s life is a cause for at least a review of your financial status and objectives. A new job, the birth of a child or even a change in benefit options at work are all reason to sit down with the staff at Iowa Wealth Management and make sure you and your family are still on track to achieve your financial goals.

When is Comprehensive Planning Needed?

Not surprisingly, most people will establish a comprehensive financial plan during or just after a period of significant change in their lives such as divorce, retirement or inheritance. Additionally, concerns about future obligations often cause clients to seek help. The two most frequent motivations for a client to seek out an initial comprehensive financial plan are the need to fund college expenses and concerns over funding retirement.

How Complicated is Comprehensive Financial Planning?

The good news is that financial planning is a simple process and at Iowa Wealth Management we have been the guides for more than a few individuals, families and businesses over the years and we can help walk you through a six step process.

What Steps make up the Financial Planning Process at Iowa Wealth Management?

  1. Establish and Define the Client-Planner Relationship
  2. Gather Client Data and Determining Goals and Expectations
  3. Analyzing and Evaluating the Client’s Financial Status
  4. Developing and Presenting the Financial Planning Recommendations and or Alternatives
  5. Implementing the Financial Planning Recommendations
  6. Monitoring the Financial Planning Recommendations

The experienced Iowa Wealth Management team will be with you on every step of the way to help answer your questions and make the journey as stress free as possible. The completed plan will be assembled, reviewed and presented by Jonathan Glaser, CFP© a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and lead planner at Iowa Wealth Management.