A Few Thoughts at Year-End

Over the last 35 years spent in the investment business, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of young people. Two thoughts I often find myself sharing with them are these; First, remember that the most important year of your career will not be this year, but rather next year, and that anything you do this year should be with an eye on making next year not just possible, but better. Second, we are engaged in not just an honorable profession, but an incredibly interesting and challenging one. Any financial advisor who would bother to keep a daily journal for any one year would have material for a pretty fair novel. 

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A Few Heartfelt Words about The Value of Work and Thanksgiving (Part 2)

Each November, we send out a thanksgiving letter to our clients. Last year was Jon’s turn and he wrote recalling his previous work experiences (and failures). So, this year, I thought I would piggyback on that, and give you Part 2 of “A Few Heartfelt Words About The Value of Work and Thanksgiving”.

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2020 Vocabulary

2020 has been a year of expanding vocabulary. Between pandemics, fires and prairie hurricanes, there’s a lot of new words we learned this year! Here are a few new ones from 2020 with a hint of satire that will hopefully make you laugh today.

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