Storytelling in Wealth Management

At Iowa Wealth Management, one of our objectives is that we absolutely do NOT want our clients to be confused each time they receive their monthly statement. It’s not just bad business, it means we’re not doing our job in keeping you informed and educated on your portfolio. One way we attempt to do this is by sharing examples and stories.

Most of you know by now that Jon is an avid storyteller (Libby too!) and if you’re a longtime client, you’ve probably heard a few of them more than once. The stories are entertaining, but more importantly, intentional and purposeful.

You see, for most people, investment management is not a riveting topic, and we’re thankful for that (it keeps us in business!). However, that’s why we explain our unique approach to managing your investments through storytelling - it’s more impactful to your understanding, plus you'll remember them when reviewing your monthly statements.

Are your statements from other firms confusing to you? Do you need a refresher on why your portfolio is invested the way it is? Come see us at IWM, it might be time for a story.