The Refrigerator Door

Last October, I attended a Luke Combs concert with my fiancé and some friends. He performed one of his songs titled "Refrigerator Door" and the meaning behind it got me thinking. 

My refrigerator has a hodgepodge of items taped to the door: pictures of my family and friends, a baby shower invitation, a recipe I’ve been meaning to try for the last two months that I probably won’t get around to making, a coupon for a local pizza parlor that I most definitely will get around to using, the save the date card for my upcoming wedding, and a thank you card from a client.

In a sense, my whole life is on my refrigerator door. Cheesy, just like a country song, and yet, true. From my experience in doing at-home review meetings with clients, I know it to be true for many of you as well.

Where am I going with this? Our staff has the unique privilege of being a part of our clients’ everyday lives. You’ve tasked us with managing your life savings, and it’s something we don’t take lightly, especially in times like these.

In short, we feel fortunate to be taped to your proverbial refrigerator door. We appreciate you treating us as one of the family and we hope you know you’re taped to our refrigerator door too.