A Few Heartfelt Words about The Value of Work and Thanksgiving (Part 2)

Each November, we send out a thanksgiving letter to our clients. Last year was Jon’s turn and he wrote recalling his previous work experiences (and failures). So, this year, I thought I would piggyback on that, and give you Part 2 of “A Few Heartfelt Words About The Value of Work and Thanksgiving”.

Like my father, before I worked for money, I had chores. However, when a neighborhood friend told me he got an “allowance”, a hefty $5/week for doing chores around the house, my young capitalist instincts were stirred – I wanted in on that action. What I didn’t anticipate was how poorly asking for an allowance from my mom would go. My mom grew up on a farm in Center Point, Iowa. For her, chores meant bailing hay in the broiling sun and feeding the cows in negative wind chills....and the allowance was breakfast, so asking my mother for a $5 allowance for keeping my room clean and making my bed was never going to happen, but it taught me to be thankful for indoor chores.

Fast-forward about five years and my first real job for money was a babysitting gig the summer I turned twelve years old. I was to watch and entertain two kids about the ages of six and eight, finish their summer school projects and cook them lunch. My first day on the job, I burned the macaroni and cheese and the kids promptly locked me in the basement until their parents came back from work to take me home. I could hardly manage them, but I learned patience and appreciation for how incredibly hard it was to earn a dollar.

My first job out of college was an Events and Marketing job for the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation in Spencer, IA. My very first day on the job, my boss took me to the local radio station and had me introduce myself on-air to the community, totally unprepared. I’d been an Okoboji summer kid my whole life and knew that area like the back of my hand, but I didn’t know a soul. I fumbled my way through the interview, but at the end I remember mustering up the courage to say: “I’m just so happy to be here in the Iowa Great Lakes, and I’m really looking forward to serving the community”. For the next two years, I got to know almost everyone, and they were all gracious enough to give this lake rat a chance to prove herself. That job led to the next job, an Investment Adviser role at a local bank in northwest Iowa, which then led me to this job at Iowa Wealth Management.

Although our business cards say we work for Iowa Wealth Management, we all know who the real bosses are. We have clients and they have hopes and dreams, wants and needs. We happily work for every one of them. Among our many blessings, we are thankful for our clients and the trust they have placed in us. Although I still may occasionally fumble my words or lack the amount of experience Jon has, I’m just so happy to be here with you all, and I’m really looking forward to continue serving the Iowa Wealth Management community.

A heartfelt thanks to all our clients and friends, and a Happy Thanksgiving!