The Refrigerator Door

Last October, I attended a Luke Combs concert with my fiancé and some friends. He performed one of his songs titled "Refrigerator Door" and the meaning behind it got me thinking. 

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COVID-19 Updates

Thursday morning, 03/19/2020.

Times are tough. Things aren’t going our way and it may seem like things will never get better. The folks at CNBC don’t sound positive. A rain storm is lashing at my office windows, dark clouds have delayed the morning light. We don’t know enough. Not enough about biology, not enough about economics. The TV folks will tell you that this time is different, that this healthcare crisis and economic crisis is different than all others that have come before. It sounds grim. We simply can’t know what happens next.

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A Message From Our Managing Partner in Response to COVID-19

Clients and friends,

In our January 2020 quarterly newsletter named “Dividends”, in my piece “My Annual ‘No Prediction for Next Year’ Letter”, I made a statement regarding what to expect from markets in 2020. I stated:

“Here is what we can expect in 2020: stuff is going to happen, weird stuff, stuff we didn’t see coming and so it’s best to be ready”.

Without a doubt, we couldn’t have predicted the impact of the COVID-19 virus. However, I can say with certainty, Iowa Wealth Management is prepared and ready to serve our clients through these unsure times. 

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How Will the 2020 Election Affect Your Portfolio?

A common question has emerged in recent review meetings: "Should I be worried about my portfolio during an election year?" The answer is complicated, but the short answer is... probably not... but you should expect some volatility. 

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